Patient Testimonials

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"Dr. Levine is an excellent dentist, very thorough."

- Sandy F.

"You don't know how happy I am when I open my mouth and see my white teeth."

- Jack L.

"I feel comfortable and I feel like I'm in good hands. Dr. Levine has the best assistants".

- Jane R.
"My whole office experience is always a pleasure from the front desk to the back staff and especially Dr. Levine. I have sent many friends and coworkers. I highly recommend the office."

-Teresa N.

"Being a TV personality, I think Dr. Levine has wonderful chairside manner, a lovely personality and is an excellent dentist. I'd recommend him to anyone."

-Michelle Whitedove
"Ever since my computer crown was done, it felt as though I was born with it."

-Miriam E.

"Fourteen years of the best dentistry that I've ever experienced."

-Barbara G.
"After nineteen years as a patient, I believe I am more than qualified to render an opinion on the person I consider Boca's best dentist. From the moment you enter Dr. Gary Levine's office you are cordially greeted by Joan, the office manager. Susan has been the dental hygienist for over 16 years. She is efficient,warm and friendly. The quality of work is superior and the staff becomes like family. I feel privledged to be a patient in this wonderful practice!"

-Esta G.
"I have been a patient of Dr. Gary Levine for over 25 years and he and his team are the very best in the dental field. Their customer service and friendliness are second to none! I am so grateful to all of them for all they do for me and my family. I would recommend them to everyone! They get the highest accolades. A+ service"

-Susan B.
"Dr. Levine came to me through a referral some 20+ years ago. The quality of work performed together with the professionalism and friendliness consistantly shown by the staff has never wained. In my humble opinion, they exemplify the best of the best."

-Jono F.


Mission Bay Plaza
20401 State Road 7
Suite G11
Boca Raton, FL 33498
561-488-5581 fax

COVID-19 / Keeping you SAFE

As has always been the case, our dental office considers the overall health & well-being of our patients and our staff to be of paramount importance.
For that very reason, these are some of the changes that we have made in our daily operations:
  • When possible, patients are pre-screened by telephone to see if they have any health conditions that may potentially endanger the health of other patients and staff by virtue of their having dental treatment rendered at our office.
  • All patients are screened upon their arrival for their scheduled appointments for the same reasons as mentioned above. Anyone with signs, symptoms, or high risk of exposure to COVID-19 would be denied dental treatment until such time when it is deemed safe to treat them.
  • In our continued efforts to maintain social distance, patients are asked to call our office upon their arrival in our parking lot. We will then notify them when it’s appropriate for them to enter the office. Patient dismissal also follows a social distance protocol.
  • All patients are required to wear a mask upon entering and when leaving our office.
  • We have installed plexiglass sneeze guards in the check-in and check-out areas of our front desk area.
  • All patients are required to cleanse their hands with CDC approved hand sanitizer using our touchless dispenser upon entering the office and prior to passing through the reception area into the treatment area.
  • Our reception room, until further notice, does not function as a waiting room. Instead, it is a patient screening room where one patient at a time is screened and a touch-free thermometer is used to record their body temperature. In addition to the treatment rooms, the reception room and restrooms are wiped down and disinfected throughout the workday.
  • All patients, upon being seated in a treatment room, are required to rinse their mouths for 30 seconds with an anti-viral rinse.
  • There are air purifiers that provide both HEPA & UV filtration located throughout the office.
  • Enhancements include 300 CFM exhaust fans installed in the treatment rooms to further purify the air in the office.
  • UV lighting has been installed in our air condition system to disinfect the cooled air prior to it being distributed throughout the office.
  • The treatment rooms have touchless faucets.
  • The faucet and the soap dispenser in the restroom are touchless.
  • Oral Aerosol Evacuators are used in the treatment rooms to substantially reduce the spread of aerosol spray generated by the dental handpiece.
  • Plastic barriers are used on the dental chairs and are changed after every single patient.
  • We utilize weekly monitoring by a spore testing service for our instruments sterilizer in order to assure its proper function.
  • Everything that we use during treatment that cannot be sterilized or properly disinfected is disposed of between patients.
  • We meet or exceed sterilization, disinfection and sanitizing standards set by the CDC and OSHA.
As the world around us changes, we will always strive to be one step ahead in changing with it to ensure the health and well-being of our patients.